Administrative Department

Image of Stautamire_Debbie-Crop.jpg

Deborah Stoutamire, Ph.D

Chief Administrative Officer
Image of Abbas-Al-Husseini_v2.jpg

Abbas Al Husseini

Chief Technology Officer
Image of Andrea-Bassil.jpg

Andrea Bassil

Human Resources Director
Image of Kevin-Carr_v2.png

Kevin Carr

Center Operations Manager
Savva Martyshev

Savva Martyshev

Power Platform Administrator
Image of Kimberly-Ransom.jpeg

Kimberly Ransom

Technology Network Program Manager
Image of Rita-Reynolds-2.png

Rita Reynolds

Chief Information Officer
Susan Stanphill

Susan Stanphill

Technology Network Administrative Assistant
Image of Dorina-Tota_v2.png

Dorina Tota

System Administrator
Image of Phyllis-Williams_v2.png

Phyllis Williams

Center Operations Coordinator
Image of Tylette-Wilson.png

Tylette Wilson

Senior D365 Specialist

Counties Futures Lab

Image of Teyrn-Zmuda.jpg

Teryn Zmuda

Chief Research Officer & Chief Economist
Image of Ricardo-Aguilar.jpg

Ricardo Aguilar

Associate Director, Data Analytics
Image of Grace-Blanchard_0.png

Grace Blanchard

Program Manager – Resilient Economies & Communities
Jack Callahan

Jack Callahan

Program Associate
Image of Chris-Chung_0.png

Christopher Chung

Program Manager, Equity and Civic Engagement
Image of Ronin-Davis_0.png

Ronin Davis

Senior Program Manager – Behavioral Health & Justice
Fitzgerald Draper

Fitzgerald Draper

Research Director
Image of Harris_Jonathan-Crop.jpg

Jonathan Harris

Associate Director, Research
Image of Ashleigh-Holand.jpg

Ashleigh Holand

Director, Counties Futures Lab
Image of Samantha-Karon_1.png

Samantha Karon

Senior Program Manager – Substance Use Disorder
Image of Jennifer-Kuiper_v2.jpg

Jennifer Kuiper

Associate Program Director, Resilient Economies & Communities
Image of Meghan-McQuillen.png

Meghan McQuillen

CDC Public Health Associate
Image of Miranda-Morvay_v2.jpg

Miranda Morvay

Senior Operations Manager
Image of Stacy-Nakintu_v2.png

Stacy Nakintu

Senior Analyst, Research & Data Analytics
Kat Patterson

Kat Patterson

Senior Program Manager – Behavioral Health
Image of Arabella-Pluta-Ehlers.jpg

Arabella Pluta-Ehlers

Senior Program Manager – Children, Youth & Families
Image of Annie-Qing_0.png

Annie Qing

Program Manager – Health & Human Services
Image of Kevin-Shrawder.JPG

Kevin Shrawder

Associate Director, Economic and Government Studies
Image of Elise-Simonsen_0.png

Elise Simonsen

Associate Program Director – Behavioral Health & Justice
Image of Megan-Siwek_0.png

Megan Siwek

Program Manager – Justice
Headshot_Patrick Spence

Patrick Spence

Program Manager, Resilient Economies and Communities
Image of Danny-Tomares_0.png

Danny Tomares

Program Associate
Image of Nastassia-Walsh_v3.jpg

Nastassia Walsh

Director of Strategic Communications and Operations
Image of Liz-Ward_0.png

Elizabeth Ward

Program Manager, Resilient Economies and Communities

Executive Management Team

Image of Matt-Chase.jpg

Matthew D. Chase

CEO/Executive Director
Britney Butler

Britney Butler

Executive Operations Specialist
Image of Marc-Chavez2.jpg

Marc Chavez

Director of Board Operations and Executive Services
Image of Jasien_Bill-Crop.jpg

Bill Jasien

Executive Chairman, NACo EDGE
Image of Danny-Melgoza_v3.png

Danny Melgoza

Chief Operating Officer
Image of Namey_Brian-Crop.jpeg

Brian Namey

Chief Public Affairs Officer
Image of Mark-Ritacco.jpeg

Mark Ritacco

Chief Government Affairs Officer
Image of Stautamire_Debbie-Crop.jpg

Deborah Stoutamire, Ph.D

Chief Administrative Officer
Image of Teyrn-Zmuda.jpg

Teryn Zmuda

Chief Research Officer & Chief Economist


Image of Janet-Fernandes.jpg

Janet Fernandes

Director of Finance
Edwin Espinoza

Edwin Espinoza

Staff Accountant
Image of Andrea-Newsom.png

Andrea Newsom

Budget and Grants Manager
Demetra Rice

Demetra Rice

Payroll & Accounts Payable Specialist
Brittani Wilson

Brittani Wilson

Budget Analyst Associate

Government Affairs

Image of Mark-Ritacco.jpeg

Mark Ritacco

Chief Government Affairs Officer
Image of Blaire-Bryant.jpg

Blaire Bryant

Legislative Director – Health | Large Urban County Caucus
Image of Julia Cortina.jpg

Julia Cortina

Legislative Associate
Image of Seamus-Dowdall.jpg

Seamus Dowdall

Associate Legislative Director – Telecommunications & Technology
Naomi Freel

Naomi Freel

Legislative Assistant
Image of Owen-Hart.png

Owen Hart

Associate Legislative Director - Agriculture & Rural Affairs
Eryn Hurley

Eryn Hurley

Director of Government Affairs & Federal Fellowship Initiative
Image of Joe-Jackson_0.png

Joe Jackson

Legislative Assistant
Image of Jessica-Jennings_v2.jpeg

Jessica Jennings

Legislative Director – Transportation | Rural Action Caucus
Image of Rachel-Mackey_v2.png

Rachel Mackey

Legislative Director – Human Services & Education | Veterans & Military Services
Image of Michael Matthews.png

Michael Matthews

Legislative Director – Community, Economic & Workforce Development
Image of Brett-Mattson.jpg

Brett Mattson

Legislative Director – Justice & Public Safety | Gulf States Counties & Parishes Caucus
Image of Paige-Mellerio-2.png

Paige Mellerio

Associate Legislative Director – Finance, Pensions & Intergovernmental Affairs
Charlotte Mitchell

Charlotte Mitchell

Legislative Assistant
Image of Maxx-Silvan.jpg

Maxx Silvan

Legislative Associate


Image of Jasien_Bill-Crop.jpg

Bill Jasien

Executive Chairman, NACo EDGE
Headshot of Paul Terragno

Paul Terragno

Managing Director, NACo EDGE
Image of Kyle-Cline.jpg

Kyle Cline

National Director of Financial Partnerships, NACo EDGE
Image of Greene_C.png

Carlos L. Greene

National Program Director of Employee Benefits, NACo EDGE
Cathy Muse

Cathy Muse

National Program Director of Public Promise Procurement, NACo EDGE
Image of Elizabeth Roberts.JPG

Beth Roberts

Assistant to the Executive Chairman and Chief Operating Officer, NACo EDGE
Image of Spencer-Bridgers.jpg

Spencer Taylor

National Director of Operations, NACo EDGE

Public Affairs

Image of Namey_Brian-Crop.jpeg

Brian Namey

Chief Public Affairs Officer
Image of Charlie_Ban-Crop.jpg

Charlie Ban

County News Digital Editor & Senior Writer
Image of Mary-Ann-Barton2.jpg

Mary Ann Barton

County News Editor & Senior Writer
Image of William-Chapman-1.png

William Chapman

Corporate Relations Assistant
Priscila Chrappah

Priscila Chrappah

Membership Manager
Image of Darrin-Crittington_0.png

Darrin Crittington

Conference Director
Image of Coleman_Davis-Crop.jpg

Coleman Davis

Director of Digital Media
Patrick Dougherty

Patrick Dougherty

Senior Conference Manager
Image of Robin-Guyse_0.png

Robin Guyse

Conferences Manager
Image of Cara-Hackett.png

Cara Hackett

Associate Director of Corporate Relations
Image of Kim-Hall_v2.png

Kim Hall

Director of Membership
Image of Alyxa-Hawkins_v2.png

Alyxa Hawkins

Public Affairs Projects Manager
Image of headshot.png

Leenah Hegazy

Leadership Programs Manager
Image of Katy-Hibben_v2.png

Katy Hibben

Senior Graphic Designer
Image of Lawrence_Leon-suit-Crop.jpg

Leon Lawrence III

Design Director
Image of Myava-Mitchell_0.png

Myava Mitchell

Multimedia Producer
Deonte Monroe

Deonte Monroe

Membership Assistant
Image of Meredith-Moran-1.png

Meredith Moran

County News Junior Staff Writer
Image of Jack-Peterson_v2.jpg

Jack Peterson

Director of Member Experience
Zoey Scates

Zoey Scates

Conference & Meetings Associate
Image of Michelle-Stuckey_1.png

Michelle Stuckey

Senior Conference Registrar
Image of Samantha-Waldman_v2.png

Samantha Waldman

Graphic Designer
Image of Chris-Wathen_v2.png

Chris Wathen

Digital Media Associate
Image of Nicole-Weissman_0.png

Nicole Weissman

Director of Strategic Communications

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