Board of Directors

About the Board of Directors

About the Board of Directors

The NACo board of directors governs the strategic goals, policies and priorities of the association, as well as oversees the association’s policies, business and property. Members of the board are elected and appointed county officials from active member counties or designated officials and are nominated at the Annual Conference to serve on the Board, as follows:

  • State associations nominate 77 members
  • Affiliates, WIR, LUCC, RAC nominate 26 members
  • President appoints 10 at-large members
  • Past presidents currently serving as elected county officials (currently 8 members)
  • Executive Committee of 4 officers and 4 regional representatives

The Board of Directors:

  • Shall have the general supervision, management, and control of the business and property
  • Shall determine the dues, fees, services and benefits for each category of membership, within the specific parameters and limitations outlined in the Bylaws
  • May determine interim policy decisions arising between annual conferences
  • Shall elect and appoint an audit committee consisting of five members from its membership

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