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Frequently Asked Questions

County governments. Once a county is a member, benefits extend to all county elected officials and staff.

Joining is as simple as requesting an invoice. If your county would like to learn more about NACo or request an invoice to join, please complete this webform.

Dues are based on a county's 2010 Census population numbers and follow the calendar year — January through December.

Yes. Your county dues will be prorated, depending on when you request an invoice.

A county is considered a member once your county’s membership dues are paid in full.

Every elected official and county staff will receive:

  • a welcome email
  • a short series of informational emails on NACo member benefits, programs and resources and tips on how to become involved
  • CN Now, our online newsletter and NACo emails

Visit My NACo Portal to access your NACo account. Note: it is important to use your county email.

Once you log in, you can:

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NACo Membership Roadmap

When your county is a member of NACo, all county elected officials and staff are members and can access, engage, network, save and succeed. Explore our roadmap to maximize your NACo membership.

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NACo membership for county, parish and borough governments is as simple as requesting an invoice.

If your county would like to request more information about joining NACo, please complete the form below.