Making a Difference for Every County

NACo members have the opportunity to serve on 31 committees, caucuses, task forces and advisory boards to inform national policymaking and help solve problems impacting counties, boroughs and parishes.

  • Any elected or appointed officials and county staff of NACo member counties, boroughs and parishes.

  • Inform national policy and stay up-to-date on issues impacting your county
  • Access to best practices
  • Network with leaders facing similar issues

  • Policy steering committees: create and drive federal policy and advocacy
  • Standing committees, caucuses, task forces and advisory boards: drive programs and projects pursued by NACo for counties

Level of involvement is based on your schedule. Committees hold:

  • Monthly conference calls
  • Meetings at the NACo Annual and Legislative Conferences*

*Attendance to in-person meetings and participation on conference calls are encouraged, but not required.

  • Members serve one-year terms from July to July of the following year.

NACo committee applications come in two forms:

  • Policy Steering Committees: Applications submitted to your state association of counties
  • Standing Committees, Task Forces, Advisory Boards & Caucuses: Applications submitted to NACo staff

For more information about NACo committees, please check out our committee brochure. If you have any questions about getting involved, please call us at 888.407.NACo (6226) or email

NACo Committees Focus On

  • Agriculture
  • Arts and Culture
  • Disaster Mitigation & Recovery
  • Economic Development
  • Elections
  • Environment, Energy & Land Use
  • Finance
  • Health
  • Housing
  • Human Services & Education
  • Infrastructure & Transportation
  • Intergovernmental Affairs
  • Justice Reform
  • Natural Resources Management
  • Public Lands
  • Public Safety
  • Telecommunications & Technology
  • Rural Affairs
  • Veteran Services

Committees, Task Forces & Advisory Boards

These committees support NACo’s ability to foster innovative programs and services focused on building stronger counties that result in a stronger America. Committee members work together to ensure NACo’s initiatives align with the needs of county, parish and borough governments.

How to Join

  • County officials and staff applying as a member to these committees send an email to NACo at and indicate your committee selections. Applications submitted during a committee term will be accepted, but applicants will need to reapply for the following year leading up to July.
  • Members wishing to serve as the chair or vice chair of a committee must apply prior to the NACo Annual conference each year at
  • Members are notified when committee applications open via email and articles in County News in early spring.

Committees, Task Forces & Advisory Boards

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Policy Steering Committees

The steering committees review and make recommendations on federal policy issues and legislation that supports local decision-making, prevents unfunded mandates and provides direct federal investments in county priorities.

How to Join

  • County officials and staff wishing to join steering committees send an email to their state association of counties indicating your choice of committee(s) in order of preference for approval by the executive director.
  • Members can only serve on one steering committee per year. Applicants should indicate their first and second choices.
  • No more than two individuals from the same county and eight individuals from the same state can serve on the same steering committee.

Policy Steering Committees


If you have any questions about getting involved, please call us at 888.407.NACo (6226) or email