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Did you know that it is highly-likely that many of your county employees qualify for this new student debt forgiveness that seems to be dominating the headlines?

The real question is: are they aware of it? Are they maximizing their student debt forgiveness?

With new student loan payments coming back late in 2023, many are scrambling to find ways to cover student debt payments that have been paused for over 3 years! With 150+ debt relief programs out there and different qualification requirements for each, the process remains extremely confusing and cumbersome.  

Please join us as we speak with student debt forgiveness expert Tony Raffa who will clear up much of the confusion out there as we cover:

  • Overview of current student debt relief programs and who is eligible.
  • Common issues with applying for and receiving student debt forgiveness
  • Upcoming deadlines that those with student debt need to be aware of
  • A new tool available to help your employees calculate their potential student debt relief and cut through the red tape when applying.

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Tony Raffa

Tony Raffa

Director of Strategy, Savi
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Tim Brown

Managing Director of Public Promise Insurance, NACo EDGE

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Cathy Muse

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