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The National Association of Counties (NACo), in partnership with Nationwide Retirement Solutions (NRS), and state associations of counties, provides county employees with a Section 457 Deferred Compensation Program. Since its inception in 1980, NACo's Deferred Compensation Program has grown to become the largest supplemental retirement income program available to county employees. NACo Deferred Comp Program has helped more than 1.5 million county employees and retirees save for and live comfortably in retirement. More than 426,000 county employees from more than 2,900 county agencies currently participate in the Program, with accumulated assets of more than $28 billion. Nearly 2,500 county plans have taken the next step in offering participants protected retirement solutions available from the Program.

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Help Your Employees Secure Their Retirement

You have a team of dedicated county employees working hard every day. Do they know how their retirement savings is working for them? NACo has partnered with Nationwide since 1980 to help county employees prepare for and live in retirement. Contact us if you are interested in enrolling more eligible employees into their retirement plan, or would like to raise awareness of the benefits offered through Nationwide.

Help Eligible Plan Participants Prepare for Their Retirement

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The Nationwide Difference

Key Insights

Among retirement plan sponsors:

  • 39% report an increase in employees leaving for other companies that offer better benefits over the past year1.
  • 61% say employers are concerned about delayed and cancelled retirements1.


Together, our partnership gives employers the opportunity to offer a world-class benefits package.

Employer Benefits

  • Helps employers to recruit and retain high-caliber personnel.
  • Usually less expensive to maintain than defined benefit plans.
  • Flexibility in program design.
  • Innovative investment offering promotes retirement readiness, helping to improve employee morale, manage benefits costs and help employees retire on time.


Employee Benefits

  • Helps public employees save for their future at no cost to their employer.
  • Enables public employees to reduce current taxes.
  • Institutes a systematic savings program for public employees.
  • Automatic contribution deductions make it easy for employees to save.
  • Contributions grow on a tax-deferred basis.
  • Employees are 100% vested in their accounts.
  • Retirement mobile app to see account balance, rate of return and retirement planning tools.
  • Hands-on financial planning from retirement professionals at no added cost.
  • Access to investments that offer protection and retirement income for life.


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Program Contact

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Carlos L. Greene

National Program Director of Employee Benefits, NACo EDGE


Securities are offered through Nationwide Investment Services Corp. (NISC) a registered broker dealer and a member of FINRA. Nationwide Retirement Solutions (NRS) is a subsidiary of NISC. Retirement Specialists are Registered Representatives of Nationwide Investments Services Corporation (NISC), member FINRA. Columbus, OH.

NACo RMA and NACo RMA LLC are Registered Municipal Advisors and do not recommend the purchase or sale of securities and do not hold or maintain funds or securities. NACo RMA and NACo RMA LLC act as third party marketers/solicitors and receive fees from NRS for such services.

NACo RMA and NACo RMA LLC are NOT affiliates of Nationwide Investment Services Corp. or Nationwide Retirement Solutions.


1: Source: Nationwide Retirement Institute’s In-Plan Lifetime Income Survey, September 2023