What is cashvest®?

For public sector and higher-ed institutions, cashvest® is the proven data partner that simplifies cash, banking and investment-management decisions, so finance officers can maximize the value of all cash with greater confidence.

The public finance leaders we serve find the cashvest® platform saves them time, increases interest income, provides necessary savings and helps them make the most effective use of taxpayers' dollars.

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New Revenue Sources

cashvest® by threeplusone® exists to find new revenue sources from current cash holdings in the public sector, to help ease the pain points that we know are faced by public officials, and to strengthen the relationships with the financial and banking institutions with whom our clients conduct business. Contact us for more information at cashvest® by threeplusone®.

  • Manage your funds as a revenue-generating asset, leading to new sources of income.
  • Identify when your organization will need cash and its current value.
  • Use time-horizon data on all cash balances to capture the highest allowable yield in the marketplace.

cashvest® by threeplusone® allows you to see more, so you can do more, all without added stress on your staff.

This innovative tool allows your office to:

  • Have a consolidate view of your cash positions so you can make confident investing decisions. Through our portal, you will see precisely how much cash is available and how long each dollar can stay working for you before it's needed. This includes all bank relationships and accounts on one screen.
  • Benefit from future liquidity forecasting, so you can confidently know the true value of your cash within your investment policy parameters.
  • Support your credit rating as advanced liquidity projections and cash-flow capacity now account for 10% of the framework for ratings.
  • Dissect nank-analysis statements through easily understood summaries. You will be able to evaluate all banking services, fees and earnings credits -- in all market cycles -- with greater confidence.

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cashvest® Client Testimonials:

cashvest® by threeplusone® is a digital tool that provides:

  • "A user-friendly portal providing actionable liquidity data"
  • "A comprehensive picture of current and forecasted cash by aggregating all accounts, from all bank and investment providers, in one easy-to-view place"
  • "Clarity and confidence over all financial resources through an account-by-account breakdown with value-generating data"
  • "Apples-to-apples comparison of all my bank fees and services, generating significant savings"
  • "Ongoing, dedicated partnership with the liquidity experts at threeplusone® complement and support my team, relieving stress and freeing up time in the office"
  • "Peer benchmarking is the new way we measure and monitor my cash performance"
  • "Most effective use of my taxpayers' dollars by pinpointing interest-earnings opportunities"

Testimonial, Terri Ross, Treasurer, Allegany County, Md.

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