About cashvest®

cashvest® by threeplusone® provides a new and unparalleled level of liquidity analysis and data services for local, county, school district and community college governing bodies. It uses proprietary algorithms to produce data-driven analysis and time-horizon evaluations that are applied to generate maximum value on current cash deposits.

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New Revenue Sources

cashvest® by threeplusone® exists to find new revenue sources from current cash holdings in the public sector, to help ease the pain points that we know are faced by public officials, and to strengthen the relationships with the financial and banking institutions with whom our clients conduct business. Contact us for more information at cashvest® by threeplusone®.

  • Manage your funds as a revenue-generating asset, leading to new sources of income.
  • Identify when your organization will need cash and its current value.
  • Use time-horizon data on all cash balances to capture the highest allowable yield in the marketplace.

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Program Contact

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Kyle Cline

National Director of Financial Partnerships, NACo EDGE
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