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KPMG Performance and Operations

County government across the U.S. faces significant challenges across its many facets of operations, perhaps most acutely in the criminal justice and behavioral health domains:

  • Funding, resource and legislative constraints and uncertainty;
  • Increasing demand and complexity of constituent needs;
  • Increased need to be constituent-focused and evidence-based to monitor validate expected performance and outcomes;
  • Increased political and public expectation and accountability for efficient and effective service;
  • Increased difficulty to recruit and retain the right skills and employee base;
  • Inertia in workforce culture change efforts;
  • Aging technology and infrastructure constraints.

In this challenging environment, the issues are multi-faceted and the solutions are not always apparent. How do you clarify strategy to focus on the most critical priorities, make the most of existing resources, more effectively manage your workforce, improve constituent and community outcomes, and demonstrate balanced performance and real results?

That’s where KPMG can help. Our Performance and Operations professionals are focused on serving County government and share your goals to deliver services effectively and efficiently to your constituents—ultimately adding to an environment where we can all live, work, play, and be successful.

Our broad range of services and capabilities can help you diagnose problems, develop solutions, as well as test and scale leading strategies to become a more customer-focused, data-driven, and proactive organization. We pride ourselves on not just delivering “more studies” – and have shown success in achieving 10:1 returns on investment by reducing or avoiding operating cost while simultaneously improving real results surrounding better response times, more effective recidivism strategies, and better models of care delivery.

A depth of experience

Our depth of experience, including time as government practitioners ourselves, and our highly-skilled consulting and analytics professionals can help you reach the speed and scale needed to tackle the complex problems and challenges your organization is facing at the required pace of change. We bring a mix of multi-disciplinary skill areas to help your organization address complex challenges in a strategic, evidence-based and forward-thinking manner – all designed to move from ideas to action with verifiable results and return on investment.

A range of capabilities

Our capabilities span the following integrated operational dimensions which will be fully informed by your existing or emerging strategy. While we have identified these focus areas based on current hot topics within County government in the areas of law enforcement; including both patrol response and investigative capabilities, corrections, and behavioral health, we also seek to help counties envelop these activities in a broader process of developing strategy, aligning departmental operations to that strategy, and articulating and communicating the strategy effectively.

We partner with and embed our resources in your organization to tangibly executing your vision of being customer-centric and outcome-focused, influence your culture to establish data-driven capabilities to better monitor and drive performance and increase accountability, in addition to helping you get the best use out of your existing assets and enablers like technology and data.

We deliver these dimensions through structured and rigorous program and project management disciplines to ensure all changes are delivered on-time, on-budget, and on-benefit.

About KPMG’s Government & Public Sector

KPMG is one of the world’s largest providers of professional services to counties, cities, states and the federal government.  Beyond justice and health domains, we also bring deep transformation experience in human services, transport and infrastructure, higher and local education, and more. Our innovative solutions can help transform your business and operating models so your constituents can lead safer, healthier, more productive lives. 

NACo's Premier Corporate Membership Program is more than raising the visibility of NACo Premier Members. It is about exchanging information with decision makers at the county government level and building relationships based on an understanding of one another's issues, priorities and timeliness.

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