Rural Action Caucus

RAC is the voice of rural counties before Congress and the White House.

About RAC

Since 1997, the Rural Action Caucus (RAC) has represented the nearly 70 percent of America's counties that are rural, addressing critical federal, state and local issues impacting these unique communities. In Washington, D.C., RAC is the voice of rural counties before Congress and the White House.

The Rural Action Caucus (RAC) is a key component of NACo's mission in supporting county officials in the pursuit of excellence in public service. County officials from these areas are dedicated to solving the unique issues impacting local communities and rural economic development, including making daily decisions impacting roughly 60 million Americans.

These include infrastructure development, broadband deployment, development of new rural clinics and hospitals, road and bridge construction and maintenance, business development opportunities and many more county responsibilities.

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RAC Chair

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Hon. Tarryl Clark

Commissioner, Stearns County, Minn. and Chair, Rural Action Caucus

Caucus Contact

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Jessica Jennings

Legislative Director – Transportation | Rural Action Caucus