Better outcomes for individuals and improved operational, clinical and financial performance for county organizations.

Netsmart provides technology solutions and services for county Health and Human Services departments as they fulfill their missions of improving the health and well-being of their communities. Netsmart understands this significant responsibility, and helps counties address complex needs with solutions that streamline processes, increase interoperability, embrace the transition to value-based care, track outcomes, and turn aggregated data into actionable information. 

Information siloes can leave counties with an incomplete view of their community and the multiple points of intersection a person may have across disparate county departments and programs. Netsmart’s CareFabric® Platform begins at the core with cloud-based electronic medical record solutions, and extends the reach of data and information sharing with connectivity, mobility and community engagement offerings. Our care coordination tools provide counties with both individual and population-level views of their community. 

The result: better outcomes for individuals and improved operational, clinical and financial performance for county organizations.

Netsmart is now the trusted knowledge and technology partner for more than 250 county Health and Human Services departments, encompassing behavioral health; addiction treatment; intellectual and developmental disabilities; child and family services; public health; long-term/post-acute care; home health; hospice; palliative care; private duty and vital records

An Advocate for our Clients

A past recipient of NACo’s Premier Corporate Partner of the Year award, Netsmart is a strong advocate on behalf of our clients and other providers for federal legislation related to technology and the delivery of human services.

Netsmart is a founding member and the only private company member of the Behavioral Health Information Technology (BHIT) Coalition. This group of more than a dozen organizations, including the NACo, is dedicated to advancing public policy for technology that can improve the lives of people with mental health and addiction disorders. We are also a proud sponsor of NACo’s Healthy Counties and Stepping Up Initiatives. Netsmart’s advocacy commitment is part of our dedication to leading change in our industry by breaking down barriers to treat the “whole person.”

About Netsmart 

In this ever-changing healthcare eco-system, we leverage our 45 years of experience in serving health and human services to implement systems that meet the needs of counties today, while laying the foundation for success and adaptability in the future. Learn more about Netsmart's solutions for counties. Visit

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Netsmart County Solutions

NACo's Premier Corporate Membership Program is more than raising the visibility of NACo Premier Members. It is about exchanging information with decision makers at the county government level and building relationships based on an understanding of one another's issues, priorities and timeliness.

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