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Support all aspects of employee wellbeing by investing in fiscally sound health and retirement benefits.

Buck offers county governments comprehensive HR, retirement (pension and defined contribution), and employee benefits consulting services. We’ve helped to secure the wellbeing of public sector employees and retirees for more than 100 years and our mission is to provide county employees with retirement security and sound healthcare benefits at a cost that is in line with your budget.

We understand the impact benefits related decisions have on your people and will help you to implement sustainable solutions that promote workforce wellbeing, reward employees for their service, and maximize your HR investment.

Rooted in our approach, is a commitment to:

  • Protect the health and financial wellbeing of your organization and your people
  • Manage risk to improve predictability
  • Implement sustainable solutions that are responsive to market shifts
  • Educate your employees, retirees, and members so they maximize their benefits package and become well informed consumers

Our public sector team of health and retirement actuaries and consultants, leverage industry best-practices and deliver actionable insights, so you can respond quickly and effectively to ever-changing workforce demographics and economic cycles. We develop programs that support all aspects of employee health and financial wellbeing, and this can lower absenteeism, reduce employee healthcare costs, and lead to better engagement. To assist with employee attraction and retention, our award-winning employee communications team can also help you strengthen the bond between you and your employees, retirees, and members.

We’ve worked with more than 200 public sector clients across 40 states, ranging from rural counties to the largest urban county in the country. What sets us apart is our consultative, high-touch approach, experience navigating the dynamic and complex structure of county government administration and working with elected officials. Our consultants bring best-in-class service, on-time deliverables, and a true partnership mentality. With an average client tenure of 18 years, we believe this is a testament to our commitment and the quality of our work.

About Buck

Buck is an integrated HR, retirement, and employee benefits consulting, technology, and administration services firm. Founded in 1916 as an actuarial consultancy, we’ve evolved to serve organizations and trustees across the health, wealth, and career spectrum.

With the ultimate goal of securing the futures of our clients’ employees and members, we develop tech-enabled programs that engage individuals and drive organizational performance. Our award-winning engagement solutions and people-first approach empower the world’s most forward-thinking organizations to protect the physical and financial wellbeing of their employees and members and improve how their people work and live. For more information, visit www.buck.com/publicsector.

More from Buck

On-demand webinar: An actuarial perspective on asset return assumption and why it matters for public pensions

The average expected return on asset assumption has been on the decline in recent years. Join us for a discussion on the role actuaries play in determining this assumption, the rules governing these opinions, and the impact on pension liabilities. 

Case study: Engaging 100,000 public employees with their benefits (County of Los Angeles, California)

Case study: Protecting paychecks and enhancing programs (DeKalb County, Georgia)

Survey: Employee Wellbeing and Voluntary Benefits Survey

Buck’s third biennial employee Wellbeing and Voluntary Benefits Survey explores employee wellbeing and how U.S. employers rate the financial, social, physical, and mental health of their workforce. The report also offers insight into how organizations are using voluntary benefits to support employee wellbeing, enhance benefit programs, and attract and retain talent.

For the first time, the research was supplemented with a sample of employees working for large U.S. employers, so it is possible to compare the views of the employee — the ultimate “consumer” of wellbeing and benefit programs — with HR decision-makers. 

Contact Us

To learn how Buck’s public sector expertise can help to drive desired outcomes for your county, contact Brett Haywood at Brett.Haywood@buck.com or Mike Leskanic at Mike.Leskanic@Buck.com

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Together, we are highlighting innovative solutions for counties, as we work with our federal, state, local and private sector partners to build healthy, safe and vibrant communities.

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Feeding kids during the summer requires county officials

The introduction of the Summer Electronic Benefit Transfer program marks a pivotal shift in addressing childhood hunger, especially during the summer when school meals are unavailable. This nationwide initiative, offering substantial grocery benefits, promises transformative support for over 29 million children, with a significant impact on communities facing systemic inequalities.


Why customer-centric strategy is vital for digital service adoption

The importance of a customer-centric strategy in digital service adoption for county governments is emphasized, highlighting the need for thoughtful design, clear communication, and multi-channel engagement to meet user expectations and improve customer experience.


Fighting opioid addiction – one life at a time

The opioid crisis, a major national issue, saw a 55% increase in drug overdose deaths from 2019 to 2022, with 75% involving opioids. Effective strategies to combat this include integrated care, policy enhancement, and technology, focusing on whole-person care and intervention opportunities to save lives.

Building facade

Planning for the post-American Rescue Plan Act future

Guidehouse outlines strategies for state and local governments to sustain programs after the end of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (SLFRF) funding. It emphasizes the need for reassessing constituent needs, measuring program impact, and considering fiscal implications to ensure long-term viability and effective resource allocation for programs initially funded by SLFRF.

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How voluntary benefits can help improve your employee benefit package

Voluntary benefits, tailored to diverse employee needs and often at reduced costs, are proving essential in enhancing employer benefit packages, attracting, and retaining talent, and addressing specific wellbeing issues across different age and income groups.


A countywide opioid misuse prevention campaign is easier to implement than you think

The Deterra Household Mailing Campaign delivers educational tools and deactivation pouches directly to homes. To save lives by tackling the opioid crisis.

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From prevention to resilience: Strategies in wildfire mitigation

Explore a multifaceted approach to wildfire mitigation with Tidal Basin. From creating defensible spaces to early detection systems, discover strategies fostering resilient communities, protecting lives & property. Urgent action is crucial amidst rising wildfire risks. Learn more at TidalBasinGroup.com. 

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A breathing crisis: Rising concerns over U.S. air quality

Facing a stark rise in hazardous air quality, the U.S. grapples with the health implications of escalating pollutants. The alarming data from the American Lung Association urges a renewed focus on air quality management. Federal and local initiatives are in play, yet a unified approach is crucial to mitigate risks and safeguard public health. 


Cybersecurity insurance can be affordable

Cybersecurity insurance rates rose significantly in 2022, with some policyholders experiencing up to 100% rate increases due to the evolving threat landscape and their own cybersecurity measures. CAI emphasizes the importance of understanding and improving an organization's cybersecurity maturity using the NIST 2.0 framework, which can not only strengthen protection against cyber threats but also potentially lower insurance premiums.

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Equitable climate resilience (ECR) for local governments: Using data to drive decision making

Discover vital strategies for embedding social equity in your climate resilience plans.

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Everything you need to know about artificial intelligence and GIS

Explore the transformative power of AI & GIS in county government operations.

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How counties are taking control of constituent communication

Discover the best strategies for effective constituent communication.

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How counties can extend the reach of drug disposal programs with at-home drug deactivation and disposal

Now is a critical time for counties to engage their communities in the prevention of drug misuse.