NACo's AI Exploratory Committee covers emerging policies, practices and potential applications and consequences of Artificial Intelligence (AI), through the lens of county government governance, operations, constituent services, innovation, public trust, privacy, and security, and workforce productivity.

AI systems have catapulted the use of advanced computer technologies within society at unprecedented scale. People across the world are recognizing the potential that AI will bring to the economy and public sector, and America’s counties need to be prepared to address this innovation with the realization that AI technology is here to stay.

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County News

NACo forms AI exploratory committee

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County News

Counties build AI framework to harness its potential, bolster protection

More than a dozen people involved in county administration and governance are working to figure out the future opportunities for counties and artificial intelligence.

About the Committee

2022-2023 NACo President Denise Winfrey appointed 16 county leaders from across America, representing the broad spectrum of county demographics and functions.

Judge Andy Brown, Travis County, Texas

Commissioner Gregg Weiss, Palm Beach County, Fla.

Supervisor Keith Carson, Alameda County, Calif.

Commissioner Tarryl Clark, Stearns County, Minn.

Commissioner Chad Peterson, Cass County, N.D.

Commissioner Christopher Rodgers, Douglas County, Neb.

Commissioner Chokwe Pitchford, Berrien County, Mich.

Commissioner Shinica Thomas, Wake County, N.C.

Clerk/Auditor Ricky Hatch, Weber County, Utah

Bryan Hill, County Administrator, Fairfax County, Va.

Scott Sorrel, County Administrator, Peoria County, Ill.

Scott Teruya, Director of Finance, Maui County, Hawaii

Tom Lynch, Chief Information Officer, Cook County, Ill.

Shannon Smith, Chief of Staff, Dept. of IT, King County, Wash.

Stephen Acquario, Executive Director, New York State Association of Counties

Peter Crary, Senior Manager of Technology, Texas Association of Counties

The Potential Impacts of AI on Counties

The AI Exploratory Committee will operate under a scope that seeks to determine:

  • Assess the current state of AI technology
  • Identify potential applications of AI and the related benefits and risks for county govt. operations
  • Evaluate the risks and benefits of AI related to workforce productivity, displacement and skills
  • Explore the county governance landscape with ethics, public trust, privacy and security impacts
  • Develop a preliminary policy and practice toolkit with sample guidelines and standards for AI
  • Identify opportunities for collaboration and partnership with different county stakeholders
  • Advise on public policy issues that may need to be considered by NACo’s board and policy committees
  • Facilitate education and engagement opportunities for county officials, NACo networks and partners

The AI Exploratory Committee is dedicated to exploring these and many more benefits as AI is integrated into governmental services. The adherence to thoughtful risk management and diligent privacy practices will be of upmost importance as counties adapt to AI systems. 

Related News

Rep. Marc Molinaro (R-N.Y.) speaks in support of an extension of the Affordable Connectivity Program Tuesday at a Capitol Hill press conference. Fellow members of Congress and county officials also took turns speaking at the rally. Photo by Denny Henry
County News

County officials, members of Congress team up to support extension of Affordable Connectivity Program

Several members of Congress teamed up with county officials Tuesday, Feb. 13 at a Capitol Hill press conference to show their support for extending the Affordable Connectivity Program, which provides internet access to more than 23 million households across the country.

Evan Feinman, deputy associate administrator of the NTIA’s Broadband, Equity and Deployment program, talks about its progress with members of the NACo Telecommunications & Technology Policy Steering Committee. Photo by Denny Henry
County News

Broadband administrator to counties: ‘I need you to lead on this issue’

Evan Feinman, who is charged with leading the $42.5 billion Broadband, Equity and Deployment (BEAD) program, led county officials through the application process during the Telecommunications & Technology Policy Steering Committee meeting.

Members of NACo's AI Exploratory Committee toured Microsoft's offices.
County News

NACo AI Exploratory Committee tours Silicon Valley

The committee’s trip included a visit to several major technology corporations, including Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, Amazon Web Services and Adobe’s DocuSign.

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Congress introduces Local 9-8-8 Response Act of 2023 to improve mental healthcare access

In early December, the Senate introduced the Local 9-8-8 Response Act of 2023. This bipartisan bill, introduced by Senator Alex Padilla (D-Calif.), aims to enhance mental health crisis response through the 9-8-8 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline.

THE_County Countdown_working_image-4.png

County Countdown – Nov. 6, 2023

Every other week, NACo’s County Countdown reviews top federal policy advocacy items with an eye towards counties and the intergovernmental partnership.

Upcoming Events

Doctor at computer

NACo Cyberattack Simulation: Medical Ransomware

The advent of technology in the healthcare sector has revolutionized patient care, but it has also brought forth unprecedented challenges, notably the growing threat of medical ransomware attacks.

Collaborative Human Services

Collaborative Governance for Delivery of Successful Human Services

Join NACo’s Technology Xchange initiatives for this collaborative webinar that showcases successful programs in Human Services

Audience Key Takeaways 

  1.      Gain a basic understanding of the concept of collaborative governance.   

  2.      Gain a basic understanding of the research supporting the concept of collaborative governance.

  3.      Understand how the use of cross system data and communication can help to address current barriers in county human services.

  4.      Learn more about implementation successes in a county delivered human and social services system.

Services Collaborative

How Franklin County, Ohio Modernized Government Experiences for Staff and Residents

Join us for an eye-opening webinar as we explore Franklin County, Ohio's journey to solving long-standing challenges. Uncover how they've embraced "Rapid Low-Code Application Development" to become faster and more collaborative and pave the way for smarter governance through iterative solutions.

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Committee Contact

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Rita Reynolds

Chief Information Officer
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Seamus Dowdall

Associate Legislative Director – Telecommunications & Technology