With county government policymakers and practitioners now facing the realities of generative artificial intelligence (AI), this book was developed with three main objectives: 

  1. Showcase the remarkable capabilities and intricate nature of contemporary AI technologies
  2. Stimulate collaborative policy discussions among intergovernmental partners regarding the near limitless applications within the public sector, taking into account the possible inherent biases in AI systems, and
  3. Inspire the young people of America to explore the exciting and meaningful roles and responsibilities of county government officials.

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Welcome to the marvelous world of county governments in America, as written and illustrated with the assistance of new generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) apps!

We’ll embark on a fun journey across the vast and varied landscape of the United States, exploring how local communities are shaped and governed by our counties.

Each county is like a unique puzzle piece, fitting together to create the big, beautiful picture of our nation! From bustling urban centers to vibrant suburbs to beautiful rural areas, counties play a special role in serving the American people. 

We’ll meet county leaders who make important decisions. We’ll discover how roads and bridges, elections and records, public safety and law enforcement, and community facilities and emergency preparedness are managed.

We’ll learn about exciting county traditions, like fairs and parades, and parks and libraries, each bringing the people of our communities together.

So, grab your explorer’s hat and get ready for a fun and educational trip through America’s county governments.

Ready to start our adventure – let’s go!

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