Make the Most of Your NACo Membership

When your county is a member of NACo, all county elected officials and staff are members and can:

Member Benefit #1:

Exclusive Access

Access through advocacy

You have a unified, non-partisan seat at the table in Washington, D.C. to advance counties' federal policy priorities and strengthen the federal-state-local intergovernmental partnership. This includes preserving local decision-making and fighting unfunded mandates and unnecessary regulations. Your personal engagement can help secure federal policy and resources that support your county and your residents.

Access experts

Thanks to the collective impact of NACo members, counties regularly hear from and often speak directly with experts on issues like economic development, broadband, criminal justice, public safety and other timely, relevant issues that impact our communities.

Access curated, county-relevant data

NACo's County Explorer online interactive tool aggregates more than 800 data points on counties, parishes and boroughs, helping you tell the county story, support projects and grant proposals, and build credibility with key stakeholders.

Member Benefit #2:

Multiple Ways to Engage

Engage with other members

The challenges you face are challenges other members are dealing with. Exchange best and promising practices so you, and they, aren’t re-inventing the wheel for every issue.

Engage in important conversations

With over 30 member-led committees, task forces, caucuses and advisory boards, you can help drive national policy and solve issues for counties, parishes and boroughs throughout the country – including your own.

Help your team be more engaged

County-focused professional development opportunities like our High Performance Leadership Academy, Enterprise Cybersecurity Leadership Academy, free webinars and County Leadership Institute help you and your entire county staff gain the skills and knowledge needed to lead a county in the 21st century.

Member Benefit #3:

A Nationwide Network

Network with people who know how things work

Member counties range in size from 64 residents to nearly 10 million residents and face rural, suburban and urban challenges every day. Connect with peers who know what it’s like to be in your shoes, who you can talk to for real-world answers, not theories or guesses.

Add NACo staff, and their extensive networks, to yours

It isn’t just other members you can reach out to. Every member of the NACo staff is here to help connect you to leaders, experts and the right people in government, the private sector and allied organizations.

Networking opportunities are everywhere

From conferences to committees to video calls and meetings, there are many opportunities to meet and connect with new people dealing with similar issues that you’re facing. And it isn’t all business. Important friendships are made too!

Member Benefit #4:

Save time. Save money. For you and your residents.

Help your residents save

All your residents can save money on prescriptions, health and dental costs through the NACo member-only Live Healthy Prescription Discount Program. This program is a no-cost, no-contract benefit available to NACo member counties, parishes and boroughs. Residents have saved more than $715 million since the program began.

Help your county save

Savings takes many forms for NACo members. Accessing important technology infrastructure resources through the Tech Xchange, learning about federal grant opportunities to help save taxpayers dollars or maximizing your cash investments through cashvest® by three+one. The benefits of NACo may literally pay off your yearly dues in savings.

Help your elected officials and staff save more

We all worry about saving for retirement. Through NACo’s Deferred Comp Program administered by Nationwide, every county employee can save more for retirement. The program is an opt-in, tax-deferred savings program that supplements employer-sponsored retirement plans. More than 1.5 million employees and retirees have accumulated more than $23 billion in extra retirement savings.

Member Benefit #5:

The personal success of more than 85% of U.S. counties, parishes and boroughs including yours.

Better Leaders

Stronger Federal Policy

Growing Economies

Healthier Residents

Shared Solutions

Engaged Employees

Lower Cost Prescriptions

Lasting Friendships

Healthy, Safe and Vibrant Communities

What's Next

Whatever your priorities are, NACo has a network or resource for you.

Advance sound public policies and strengthen valuable relationships

Access resources and open infrastructure grant opportunities

Frequent digital sessions outlining new and innovative county programs

Set the federal policy agenda, learn from experts and network with peers

Invest in frontline staff and elected officials with an online academy

Award-winning publication sent to your inbox every Tuesday

Access over 800 data points on all 3,069 counties, parishes and boroughs

Save your county, staff and residents time and money

Enrich the public’s understanding of county government