The NCCAE provides a vehicle through which its membership improves the administration of the various associations of counties and associations of county officials and provides a forum through which members meet and exchange information of importance. Additionally, it assists, in accordance with the policy determinations of the council, the National Association of Counties in its efforts to promote and improve county government.

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Bob Wilcox
Executive Director
South Dakota Counties

First Vice President
Julie Ring
Executive Director
Association of Minnesota Counties

Second Vice President
Kevin Leonard
Executive Director
North Carolina Association of County Commissioners

Immediate Past President
Chris Villines
Executive Director
Association of Arkansas Counties


Bylaws Dues Structure
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Certified County Association Executive Sponsorship Policy


NCCAE Presidents and Executives Meeting, Washington Court Hotel, Washington D.C.
2021 January 6–8


NCCAE Annual Meeting
2020 October 20–23 | Duluth, Minnesota
2021 October 19–22 | North Carolina - RFP out