We Are Counties

We Are Counties – Putting a face on the local COVID-19 pandemic response

America’s 3.6 million county, parish and borough employees are on the front lines of the nation’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. Americans across the country are showing tremendous gratitude toward these hospital workers, first responders, public health and human services officials, law enforcement personnel, coroners and medical examiners, and other county employees.

NACo's We Are Counties campaign is putting faces on the many frontline services counties provide – including 328,000 hospital workers, 330,000 law enforcement officers, 93,000 first responders and many more – and we need your help. By submitting a short video to NACo, help us demonstrate that talented public servants make these services possible.

Use these video tips to help you make the most impactful image you can make at home, at work, or as a group (with social distancing rules practiced). You can easily upload your clip, just click here or email your content to submissions@naco.org.

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Honoring our 3.6 million #county employees through #WeAreCounties – putting a face on the front lines of #COVID-19 pandemic response. #WeAreCounties www.wearecounties.org

Thank you to America's 3.6 million #county employees on the front lines of the nation's response to the #COVID19 pandemic #WeAreCounties www.wearecounties.org https://youtu.be/W8ghDyxTt7Y

Now is the time for the administration and Congress to unite & help #counties support our frontline public servants who are ensuring public health, public safety, economic recovery and more. #WeAreCounties www.naco.org/coronavirus [UPLOAD YOUR WE ARE COUNTIES PHOTO OR VIDEO]

.@[MEMBER OF CONGRESS] #Counties urge Congress to allocate direct, flexible funding to counties, as most states mandate implementation of public health & emergency response responsibilities to #county govts. #WeAreCounties www.naco.org/coronavirus [UPLOAD YOUR WE ARE COUNTIES PHOTO OR VIDEO]

Thank you @[MEMBER OF CONGRESS] for supporting the heroic #county public servants who deliver vital services to our communities. #WeAreCounties [UPLOAD YOUR WE ARE COUNTIES PHOTO OR VIDEO]

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