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State and Local Coronavirus Fiscal Recovery Funds

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  • State and Local Coronavirus Fiscal Recovery Funds

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    State and Local Coronavirus Fiscal Recovery Funds

    • NACo Analysis of the American Rescue Plan Act
    • American Rescue Plan Act Text
    • County-by-County Allocation Estimates
    • NACo Letter to Treasury on Recovery Fund Implementation
    • Treasury Certification Process Guidance
    • NACo Recovery Fund FAQs 
    • American Rescue Plan Act Funding Breakdown

    In a major victory for America's counties, the State and Local Coronavirus Fiscal Recovery Funds legislation, part of the American Rescue Plan Act, was signed into law by President Biden on March 11. The bill includes $65.1 billion in direct, flexible aid to every county in America, as well as other crucial investments in local communities, including $1.5 billion over two years for public lands counties.  

    The U.S. Department of the Treasury would oversee and administer these payments to state and local governments, and every county would be eligible to receive a direct allocation from Treasury. Municipalities and counties would now receive funds in two tranches – with 50 percent this year and the remaining 50 percent no earlier than 12 months from the first payment. The U.S. Treasury is required to pay first tranche to counties not later than 60-days after enactment, and second payment no earlier than 12 months after the first payment.

    The table below contains projected allocations for counties from the U.S. Treasury. The values are informed by the House of Representatives and the Congressional Research Service (CRS). The estimates are not official values from the U.S. Treasury and are subject to change.

    On March 18, NACo sent a letter to the U.S. Department of Treasury outlining county priorities for the implementation of the American Rescue Plan’s $350 billion Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund. NACo’s initial letter was informed by county responses to NACo’s American Rescue Plan implementation survey. As we continue to work with our federal partners, we urge your county to complete NACo’s survey that will help us bring your voice to the successful implementation and execution of the Recovery Fund. The U.S. Treasury has not yet released official allocation numbers or guidance on the Recovery Fund.

    Access NACo's analysis of the latest COVID-19 federal relief bill, including county-level allocation estimates.
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