About Ofo

Founded in 2014, ofo is the world’s largest dockless bike share platform, with a fleet of more than 10 million bikes in more than 250 cities/counties and 200 campuses across 21 countries. Our 200 million global users have taken more than 6 billion trips since inception. At ofo, we strive to empower “anyone, anywhere” with access to sustainable, convenient, and affordable transportation options.

ofo operates a dockless bike-sharing program that provides convenient, low-cost, and environmentally friendly transportation to cities, counties and campuses. ofo bikes and the ofo mobile app are managed and owned by ofo. ofo covers all deployment, maintenance, and operational costs, and will provide the Participating Entities with smart mobility options at zero cost. Users track bikes in real-time through the app and hire bikes in any location near them (such as a sidewalk, designated zone, parking lot, or designated bike rack) and simply leave their bikes in any convenient and legally allowed parking location once they complete their ride. By downloading our app, users tap into our global network of bikes.

Ofo’s global headquarters is located in Beijing, China and U.S. headquarters are located in San Francisco, CA.