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In today's fast-paced world, efficiency, accuracy, and security in the payroll process are essential for any organization, particularly in the government sector. Nationwide®, in partnership with the National Association of Counties, introduces FastPay, an all-in-one digital solution that streamlines payroll and census data submission.

FastPay is an advanced service designed to secure participant information, save time, improve accuracy, and eliminate the tedious process of manual entry. This powerful tool offers a variety of innovative features that allow you to manage your payroll more effectively.

To begin with, FastPay provides an option to add or edit employment dates to update participant records. You can even submit a debit ACH payment in a few straightforward steps. Moreover, it allows you to view and manage saved payrolls according to your specific needs. 

One of the four key features, the Import Payroll Tool, enables you to begin contributions from an exported file from your payroll software. This tool lets you create a reusable configuration based on your file format to import with minimal or even no manual entry. 

The Copy Payroll Tool is another excellent feature that allows you to select from previously submitted details to carry over contribution amounts, and sort participants and edit details for hassle-free balancing.

FastPay also provides a Payroll Invoice Tool that enables you to initiate payroll with a set pay date based on your payroll calendar. This tool can then generate expected contribution amounts for the present pay date without any manual calculations.

Finally, the manual key payroll functionality allows you to create payroll details by manually keying in participants and contribution amounts whenever needed.

Setting up with FastPay is incredibly quick and easy. You can get started by reaching out to the Nationwide Retirement Solutions' FastPay team at NRSCONTR@nationwide.com or call at 1-877-496-1630, option 3. 

With FastPay, Nationwide have brought convenience and accuracy to payroll management. This game-changing tool is explicitly designed for plan sponsors, aiming to make government payroll operations more efficient and reliable. 

Get ahead with Nationwide, where everything is crafted keeping 'you' in mind because we're on your side.

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