Counties for Career Success

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    Counties for Career Success

    NACo’s Counties for Career Success (C4CS) is an initiative that recognizes the role of counties in streamlining pathways to good jobs and supporting individuals on those learning journeys. C4CS facilitates cross-systems collaboration between systems of post-secondary education, workforce development and human services to promote lifelong success among those experiencing barriers to education and employment.

    The COVID-19 pandemic has catalyzed lasting impacts on the nature of work, including a widespread shift toward remote work and automation, changes to job demand across industries, economic uncertainty, job loss and disparities in educational and employment attainment. Workers across the nation have had to adapt to these new ways of working and develop new skills to stay competitive in a changing job market.

    Post-secondary education can be a practical pathway to the degrees, credentials and skills needed for employment in an economy with increased demand for qualifications beyond high school. Counties are uniquely positioned to invest in and coordinate post-secondary education, workforce development and human services systems that not only address industry needs, but also support low-income and marginalized students.

    About the Cohort

    C4CS assembles a peer network of cross-sector leaders from 8 counties, all committed to a collective impact approach that can reduce disparities, boost local economies and prepare them for the future of work. Selected counties will not only receive free technical assistance, access to national experts and peer learning opportunities, but also be nationally recognized as leaders in this field. The goal of the cohort is to increase residents’ access to career readiness and employment opportunities that help them achieve lifelong success. In return, counties can build new partnerships both across the public sector and with private employers. C4CS is supported by ECMC Foundation.

    If you have any questions, please contact Annie Qing, Program Manager for Health and Human Services at or (202) 942-4269.

    NACo’s Counties for Career Success (C4CS) is an initiative for county leaders interested in streamlining pathways to quality jobs and supporting learners along the way.
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