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New Coalition of Public and Private Sector Leaders Call on Congress to Act on COVID Relief Before Election

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    New Coalition of Public and Private Sector Leaders Call on Congress to Act on COVID Relief Before Election

    WASHINGTON – COVID RELIEF NOW, a new coalition of nearly 200 major public and private sector groups across the U.S., today called for “No Recess without Relief” imploring Congress to not leave town for the 2020 elections without passing additional COVID economic relief – stating millions of jobs and survival of small businesses as well as vital government services are on the line.

    The coalition stated that if Congress fails to act, millions of employees will be furloughed or terminated; millions of unemployed Americans will lose their unemployment insurance pandemic benefits; hundreds of thousands of companies will be at risk of closing their doors forever; and the vast majority of state and local governments will have to curtail critical services in order to balance budgets due to a decline in tax revenue.

    Below is the text of a letter signed by coalition members that was sent to Congress today. Here is a link to a pdf of the letter and quote from one of the founding members,

    “Counties are on the front lines of the nation’s pandemic response. We provide many essential services, especially for our most vulnerable residents, and support small businesses that are so important to our communities and our economy. The public and private sectors are aligned on this – we need COVID relief and we need it now. Together, we call on members of both parties to come together on a bipartisan relief package,” said National Association of Counties Executive Director Matthew Chase.


    Dear Speaker Pelosi, Leader McConnell, Leader Schumer and Leader McCarthy,

    We are writing to implore you to reach a bipartisan deal on legislation to prevent catastrophic economic harm that would result if Congress does not pass additional emergency relief before adjourning for the election. Support for furloughed or laid off employees, critical infrastructure, small businesses, educational institutions, first responders, and all state and local governments that are addressing the ongoing public health and economic impacts of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic are priorities we strongly believe require an immediate and unified response from our federal government.

    The undersigned groups represent a diverse cross section of our country and our economy, with the public and private sectors coming together to respectfully demand that Democrats and Republicans alike come together to pass additional COVID economic relief legislation.

    Our employees, businesses, and constituents cannot wait for additional federal aid to come in December 2020 or March 2021. If Congress fails to act, millions of employees will be furloughed or terminated; millions of unemployed Americans will lose their unemployment insurance pandemic benefits; hundreds of thousands of companies will be at risk of closing their doors forever; and the vast majority of state and local governments will have to curtail critical services in order to balance budgets due to a decline in tax revenue.

    This is a pivotal moment. Congress needs to rise to the occasion and cast partisanship aside to provide a lifeline to get through this pandemic. Congress’ failure to act now will result in negative economic ramifications that will reverberate for decades.

    Thank you for your continued hard work and tireless leadership during these unprecedented times.


    The COVID RELIEF NOW Coalition

    • Airlines for America
    • Airport Ground Transportation Association
    • Alabama Restaurant & Hospitality Association
    • Alabama Tourism Partnership, Inc.
    • Alabama Travel Council, Inc.
    • Alaska Hotel & Lodging Association
    • American Association of Airport Executives
    • American Bus Association
    • American Dental Association
    • American Gaming Association
    • American Hotel & Lodging Association
    • American Lighting Association
    • American Mold Builders Association
    • American Supply Association
    • American Veterinary Medical Association
    • Arizona Lodging & Tourism Association
    • Arkansas Hospitality Association
    • Asian American Hotels Owners Association
    • Building America's Future
    • California Hotel & Lodging Association
    • California Retailers Association
    • Casino Association of Indiana
    • Central Missouri Independent Electrical Contractors Association
    • Central Pennsylvania Chapter of Independent Electrical Contractors
    • Central Tex Chapter Independent Electrical Contractors
    • Club Management Association of America
    • Colorado Hotel & Lodging Association
    • Commercial Food Equipment Service Association
    • Community Leaders of America
    • Connecticut Lodging Association
    • Convenience Distribution Association
    • Deadwood Gaming Association
    • Delaware Hotel & Lodging Association
    • Events Industry Council
    • Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association
    • Florida Retail Federation
    • Florida West Coast Chapter of Independent Electrical Contractors
    • Foodservice Equipment Distributors Association
    • Georgia Chapter, Independent Electrical Contractors, Inc.
    • Georgia Hotel & Lodging Association
    • Georgia Retailers
    • Global Business Travel Association
    • Global Cold Chain Alliance
    • Go LIVE Together
    • Golf Course Superintendents Association of America
    • GOPAC Education Fund
    • Hospitality Maine
    • Hospitality Minnesota
    • Hotel Association of New York City
    • Hotel Association of Washington DC
    • Illinois Casino Gaming Association
    • Illinois Hotel & Lodging Association
    • Illinois Retail Merchants Association
    • Independent Bakers Association
    • Independent Electrical Contractors
    • Independent Electrical Contractors Dakotas, Inc
    • Independent Electrical Contractors, Atlanta Chapter, Inc.
    • Independent Show Organizers
    • Indiana Restaurant & Lodging Association
    • Indiana Retail Council
    • International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions
    • International Association of Exhibitions and Events
    • International Association of Venue Managers
    • International Council of Shopping Centers
    • International Franchise Association
    • Iowa Gaming Association
    • Kansas Chamber
    • Kansas Retail Council
    • Latino Hotel Association
    • Livingston County Convention and Visitors Bureau
    • Louisiana Association of Convention and Visitors Bureaus
    • Louisiana Travel Association
    • Maryland Association of Chain Drug Stores
    • Maryland Food Industry Council
    • Maryland Hotel & Lodging Association
    • Maryland Retailers Association
    • Massachusetts Lodging Association
    • Meeting Professionals International
    • Michigan Restaurant & Lodging Association
    • Michigan Retailers Association
    • Mississippi Hospitality & Gaming Association
    • Missouri Retailers Association
    • Missouri Tire Industry Association
    • Montana Lodging & Hospitality Association
    • National Airport Parking Industry Trade Association
    • National Association of Black Hotel Owners, Operators and Developers
    • National Association of Counties
    • National Association of Theatre Owners
    • National Association of Trailer Manufacturers
    • National Association of Women Business Owners
    • National Automatic Merchandising Association
    • National Club Association
    • National Community Pharmacists Association
    • National Conference for State Legislatures
    • National Council of State Legislators
    • National Employment Opprotunity Network
    • National Federation of Independent Business
    • National Fisheries Institute
    • National Golf Course Owners Association
    • National Governors Association
    • National Independent Talent Organization
    • National Independent Venue Association
    • National League of Cities
    • National Parking Association
    • National Ready Mixed Concrete Association
    • National Restaurant Association
    • National Small Business Association
    • National Tooling and Machining Association
    • Near Airport Parking Industry Trade Association
    • Nebraska Hotel & Lodging Association
    • Nevada Hotel & Lodging Association
    • Nevada Resort Association
    • New Hampshire Retail Association
    • New Jersey Chapter of Independent Electrical Contractors
    • New Jersey Hotel & Lodging Association
    • New York State Hospitality & Tourism Association
    • New York State Tourism Industry Association
    • North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers
    • North American Die Casting Association
    • North Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Association
    • North Carolina Retail Merchants Association
    • Northwest Pennsylvania Independent Electrical Contractors
    • Ohio Hotel & Lodging Association
    • Ohio Travel Association
    • Oklahoma Hotel & Lodging Association
    • Oklahoma Retail Merchants Association
    • Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association
    • Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Association
    • Pet Industry Distributors Association
    • Portland Cement Association
    • Precision Machined Products Association
    • Precision Metalforming Association
    • Produce Marketing Association
    • Professional Beauty Association
    • Recording Academy
    • Regulatory Management Counselors, P.C.
    • Retail Association of Maine
    • Retail Council of New York State
    • Retail Merchants of Hawaii
    • Retailers Association of Massachusetts
    • Rhode Island Hospitality Association
    • Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association
    • Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council
    • Small Business Council of America
    • Small Business for America's Future
    • Small Business Legislative Council
    • Society of Independent Show Organizers
    • South Carolina Restaurant & Lodging Association
    • South Dakota Grocers Association
    • South Dakota Hospitality Association
    • South Dakota Restaurant Association
    • South Dakota Retailers Association
    • Sports & Fitness Industry Association
    • St. Louis Area Hotel Association
    • Student and Youth Travel Association
    • Tennessee Hospitality & Tourism Association
    • Texas Hotel & Lodging Association
    • Texas Retailers Association
    • The American Society of Travel Advisors
    • The Association For Manufacturing Technology
    • The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association
    • Travel Goods Association
    • Travel Oregon
    • Travel Technology Association
    • Tri State Jewelers Association
    • United States Conference of Mayors
    • United States Travel Association
    • Utah Tourism Industry Association
    • Vermont Chamber of Commerce
    • Virginia Restaurant, Lodging, and Travel Association
    • Virginia Retail Federation
    • Virginia Retail Merchants Association
    • Virginia Wineries Association
    • Washington Hospitality Association
    • Washington Retail Association
    • West Virginia Hospitality & Travel Association
    • Wisconsin Hotel & Lodging Association
    • Wyoming Lodging & Restaurant Association
    The COVID Relief NOW Coalition calls for “No Recess Without Relief” imploring Congress to find bipartisan solution to move COVID stimulus packag
    Press Release

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