The NACo County Technology Advisory Council, with input from the Tech Xchange and the NACo Workforce Advisory Board, has developed a guide on workforce retention and recruitment for technology workers. This guide provides an overview, along with benefits and questions to consider in the technology recruitment and retention process.


The ability for the county to recruit and retain qualified technology staff is becoming much more difficult than in past years*. The challenges range from competitive pay to benefits including flexible schedules and remote work, as well as training and career advancement opportunities. The pandemic has taught us that there is a greater desire by employees to have (and they are demanding) work/life balance. This desire is further enhanced by the employee demand for remote work. Counties are balancing implementing this innovative approach with the needs of the county and the perception of resident needs being sufficiently and expeditiously met. This new world order has other complications including providing the proper equipment for remote workers as well as ensuring security protocols, methods, and tools are in place to protect the county, the employee, and resident data. Local leaders are reminded that if employees do not get opportunities to gain experience, they will go. Consequently, this flight of technology employees puts a significant strain on the county budget, other staff, the county culture, and ultimately the fulfillment of resident needs.

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