Positioning Cook County as an Employer of Choice

2023 NACo Achievement Award Winner

Cook County, Ill., IL

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About the Program

Category: Personnel Management, Employment and Training (Best in Category)

Year: 2023

The nation’s unpredictable business climate and volatile job market have placed increased pressure on government agencies to attract, develop, and retain the workforce needed to perform and provide services to its residents. To differentiate themselves while facing historically low unemployment rates and increasing employee expectations and needs, government agencies must define and realize their Employee Value Proposition—their “why” employees pursue, work for, and stay at their organization. Beginning in June 2021, Cook County’s Bureau of Human Resources (BHR) has navigated a competitive talent marketplace, bolstered recruitment operations, capabilities, and positioned the County as an Employer of Choice through innovative strategic sourcing, recruitment branding and marketing efforts, and best practice approaches to recruitment operations and employee retention.