NACo’s new research report studies the fiscal impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on counties and estimates an overall $144 billion budgetary hit across all U.S. counties. The report finds that major county revenue sources that support critical local services are at risk, and that counties are facing significant new expenditures as they work to protect American communities during the pandemic. The report is based on analysis of federally-reported county fiscal data and information from counties related to COVID-19’s fiscal impacts on their budgets. Explore NACo's latest report on the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic's impact on county finances.

County leaders can support NACo’s efforts to continuously assess the fiscal impact of COVID-19 on counties by taking a quick, five minute survey or sending detailed impact estimates to This information will help us ensure that the role of counties in America’s fight to contain the COVID-19 pandemic is understood by federal officials and key decision-makers in Washington, D.C. You can access the survey by clicking this link.

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