The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL/P.L. 117-58) provides nearly $1 trillion in funding over five years, including $550 billion in new investments divided between transportation and other core infrastructure sectors like water, broadband, energy and environmental remediation. Because 90 percent or more of federal transportation funds flow directly to state DOT’s, counties do not receive any guaranteed, direct federal funding to operate and maintain the nation’s roads and bridges despite significant responsibilities. Without access to these formula funds, counties and other local governments must compete for the 10 percent or less of funding that remains for competitive programs. In total, counties received just 8 percent of funding under the seven programs in FY 2022, while cities and towns received 31 percent; states 48 percent; and “other” 12 percent.

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New CBO projection shows Highway Trust Fund status continues to worsen without congressional action

In February, the Congressional Budget Office released an updated 10-year baseline projection for the federal Highway Trust Fund that shows the fund will continue to decline significantly over the next decade without action from lawmakers. 


FAA authorization extended for a second time this Congress through March 2024

Congress extended the FAA's authorization through March 8, 2024. 

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’Snow-bot’ keeps sidewalks clear at county library

The Arapahoe County, Colo. library system is enlisting the help of a self-driving snow removal robot to clear out ice and snow to keep the library open and accessible to the public throughout the winter months.