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ClearGov® is the leading provider of Budget Cycle Management software, focused on helping local governments streamline the annual budgeting process by improving the collection, creation, and communication of their budgets. ClearGov solutions are powerful enough to support local governments of every size, yet affordable enough for even the smallest towns and villages. More than 500 communities across the country rely on our cloud-based Budget Cycle Management suite to modernize their budgeting processes and produce award-winning GFOA budget books.

Budgeting with spreadsheets can be inefficient, and printed budget books that are hundreds of pages long make it difficult for residents to see how their tax dollars are allocated. The result is frustrated government staff spending countless hours on their annual budget, while disengaged citizens struggle to understand complex financial data. ClearGov's Budget Cycle Management solutions solve both of these challenges. The integrated platform includes Operational Budgeting, Capital Budgeting, Personnel Budgeting, Digital Budget Book, and Transparency solutions that provide everything local governments need to automatically Collect, Create, and Communicate every aspect of their budget process.

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Why ClearGov

Gather capital, personnel, and operational requests from department heads.

Build capital, personnel, and operational budgets efficiently.

Publish modern, easy-to-understand websites to tell your story.

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Kyle Cline

National Director of Financial Partnerships, NACo EDGE
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NACo EDGE establishes sustainable, cost-saving and value-added solutions that can be applied to counties nationwide. By providing quality solutions, we strive to develop and maintain healthy, vibrant and safe counties across the United States.

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