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NACo adds telemedicine access, increased prescription discounts to ‘Live Healthy’ program

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As millions of Americans are being laid off, working fewer hours and needing greater access to healthcare due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many county residents are stretching every dollar.  

Especially during these challenging times, NACo has been working to bring county residents new ways to cut healthcare costs through our “Live Healthy” discount program. Now more than ever, saving feels better. 

At no cost to NACo members, counties can provide significant savings for residents and their pets through NACo’s Live Healthy discount program which provides savings on prescription, health and dental costs. Since 2004, nearly 1,300 counties, parishes and boroughs have enrolled to save residents over $705 million on their prescriptions. 

To assist during this time of need, the Live Healthy program has been enhanced to help residents save in new ways: 

• 24/7 telemedicine access through the health discount program, providing unlimited calls with a clinician without co-pays 

• An average of 30 percent savings — an increase of 6 percent — on medications with the no-cost Rx discount card 

• More affordable monthly fees for the Health and Dental discount programs 


No contracts or agreements are required for counties, parishes or boroughs to offer the Live Healthy discount program to residents. NACo provides comprehensive marketing materials to promote this program to your community at no cost. To learn more about the program, order marketing materials or sign up, visit

In participating counties, residents with and without insurance can visit to enroll and save on their prescriptions, health services and dental care. 


Prescription discounts 

Residents simply present their no cost discount to save on prescriptions at more than 66,000 participating pharmacies across the country.* The discount card also offers instant rebates on 69 common prescriptions.  


Health discounts** 

For the new low price of $5.95 a month for individuals and $7.95 for families, residents can enroll online at or call 877.573.2395.

The health program provides: 24/7 telemedicine access and savings between 15 percent and 70 percent on vision, hearing, diabetic supplies, prepaid lab work and diagnostic imaging. 


Dental discounts** 

For the new low price of $5.95 a month for individuals and $7.95 for families, residents can enroll online at or call 877-573-2395. The Dental program can provide savings up to 50 percent on most dental procedures with over 11,000 dentists, including check-ups, cleanings, x-rays, fillings, root canals, extraditions and dentures. 

These discounts are provided with no annual limits, no shopping around, no forms to complete, no waiting periods, no age or income requirements, no medical condition restrictions and no catch. The Live Healthy discount program is not health insurance and cannot be used in conjunction with health insurance.  

To learn more about the program or sign up, visit or contact NACo with questions about the program at

*Savings may vary by drug and by pharmacy 

**Available in all states, except Washington 

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John joined NACo in January of 2017 and serves as a Membership Outreach Manager. He assists in developing plans focused on increasing membership and retention, marketing, improving customer service and program visibility. John oversees NACo’s Live Healthy Discount program, the U.S.