Telecommunications & Technology Steering Committee

All matters pertaining to telecommunications and technology policy, including, but not limited to, the county role as a telecommunications regulator, service provider, and consumer, cable services technology and implementation, information technology development and implementation, information technology innovation, e-governance, and geo-spatial data collection and utilization.

Policy Briefs

Latest Resources

  • Reports & Toolkits | Aug. 2, 2019

    The August recess in the federal legislative calendar provides a unique opportunity for county leaders to communicate with members of Congress, demonstrate the impact of your efforts in your communities and advocate for the federal programs that help to strengthen local programs and initiatives.

  • Reports & Toolkits | Aug. 1, 2019

    Counties will play a key role in the 5G deployment process as service providers navigate public property and rights-of-way.

  • Document | Jul. 31, 2019


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Telecommunications and Technology Steering Committee


J.D. Clark
County Judge
Wise County, Texas


Vice Chair

Joe Atkins
Dakota County, Minnesota


Joe Briggs
Cascade County, Montana


Terry Hall
Chief, Emergency Communications
York County, Virginia


Larry Harvey
Comanche County, Kansas


Lily Morgan
Josephine County, Oregon


Joe Mullins
Flagler County, Florida


Patricia O'Bannon
Henrico County, Virginia


Nancy Thrash
Lamar County, Georgia