Noxious Weed Notification Program

2012 NACo Achievement Award Winner

El Paso County, Colo., CO

About the Program

Category: County Resiliency (Best in Category)

Year: 2012

Noxious weeds are a large problem in many parts of the United States, greatly affecting agriculture, forest management, nature preserves and parks, and other open space lands. In an effort to slow the spread of noxious weeds on the western range and forest lands, in 2009 El Paso County began a Noxious Weed Notification Program (Program) that promotes a cooperative approach between El Paso County and its citizens while meeting the mandates of the Colorado State Noxious Weed Act. The purpose of this Program is to identify properties within El Paso County containing state-listed noxious weeds, address and control the noxious weeds on County-owned property, and notify landowners of their obligations to manage the noxious weed species present on their properties. Additionally, the Program provides education, recommendations, and follow-up to citizens regarding invasive plants and their adverse effects on native habitats and croplands, as well as being injurious to humans, native fauna, and livestock through contact or ingestion. This Program is designed to foster a cooperative, “we’re all in this together” approach toward the enforcement of the Colorado Noxious Weed Act and the El Paso County Noxious Weed Management Plan focused on education and collaboration between the County and landowners.

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