Achievement Award Program

Event Management ... the ICS Way

2009 NACo Achievement Award Winner
Event Management ... the ICS Way
Henrico County, Va.

About the Program

CATEGORY: County Administration and Management
YEAR: 2009
In 2008, the Henrico Division of Recreation and Parks, in partnership with the Henrico Division of Fire, implemented an innovative Event Management Program to more efficiently manage special events produced by the Division of Recreation and Parks. The program is modeled after the Incident Command System under the National Incident Management System which is used by public safety agencies across the county to mitigate emergency incidents. This program model emphasizes management by objectives, participant and provider safety, financial accountability, and the effective use of resources to enhance the service delivery through the most effective means. Additionally, “Event Management…the ICS Way” provides detailed documentation, the Event Action Plan, allowing for the replication of successes and highlights areas that need improvement. This Event Action Plan, along with debriefing of personnel and the production of an After Event Report, are the foundations for continuous quality improvement of activities offered to the citizens of Henrico County.

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