2018 NACo Achievement Award Winner

El Paso County, Colo., CO

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About the Program

Category: Planning (Best in Category)

Year: 2018

EDARP (Electronic Development Application Review Program) is a web-based program that allows land use-related applications to be submitted by developers, builders, commercial and industrial businesses, and other landowners to the County for review in an electronic format. The significance of EDARP to the development industry and other applicant landowners is profound given that prior to EDARP all land use applications had to be submitted to the County in hard copy. For example, a hard copy submittal of a subdivision application typically included 20-30 separate documents and each document had to be reproduced into numerous copies to be sent out to 20-30 external referral agencies. Due to the electronic nature of how applications are now processed through the EDARP program, the timeline for facilitating the review of each application is also reduced by as much as one week. With the new EDARP system, sorting and packaging hard copies is completely eliminated in favor of automated packets and physical delivery of hard copy packets is now replaced with instant emailed referral notices. EDARP significantly increases the accessibility of information on each development application by allowing all property owners, their consultants, and PCD management instant access to pertinent documents and the ability to track the progress of an application. By hosting EDARP on the web and by archiving all applications, including all past applications dating back to 1947, the program has effectively brought public transparency to the forefront. All documents, except sensitive financial records and legally privileged information, are now accessible by anyone around the world seeking information on a development application and multiple County departments have the ability to interact with applications. EDARP has saved staff time for both County employees and developers, has decreased the use of paper copies and mail, and has made significant cost-savings on submitted applications.