CEO, Author & Performance Specialist

Tareq Azim

CEO, Author & Performance Specialist

About Tareq

For over 20 years, Tareq Azim has directed the creative and strategic development of leading institutions in professional sports, human performance, entertainment, government, law enforcement, and finance. A former collegiate athlete and seven-time world championship coach, Azim codified his methodology in his Empower Concept, establishing his legacy as a leading specialist in human optimization. His success led him to build the Empower Performance Institute - one of the most sought-after performance facilities in the United States, hosting top-tier athletes in the NFL, UFC, and other professional sports.

Tareq is the CEO and founder of an experiential creative agency, The We Group, where he leverages his philosophy and innovative vision to build competitive brands in sports and entertainment, health and wellness, hospitality, technology, and real estate.

His current passion and venture, the Elesel Lodge, is set to change the global landscape of hospitality by leveraging the power of culture, heritage, and social responsibility to create new solutions to our current mental and emotional health epidemic.

He is the author of Empower: Conquering the Disease of Fear.

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