Governing on the Ground

The Past, Present and Future of County Government

Governing on the Ground

About Governing on the Ground

Governing on the Ground is an inside look at the complex challenges faced by officials as they strive to strengthen their communities. At times, heartbreaking; at other times, ennobling, it is always informative, and a one-of-a-kind testament to the courage and creativity of county leaders.

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County government is one of the most consequential, least understood levels of government in America. Specific county roles and responsibilities vary widely from state to state— and even within some states— but county governments everywhere play an important role in serving residents and communities.

What is often overlooked is that county governments are institutions comprised of people— county officials who live and work in the communities they lead. They are our neighbors, coworkers, family and friends.

Now, the National Association of Counties, which represents county governments in Washington, D.C. brings you the testimony of 30 officials and offers a glimpse into their efforts to help people and places thrive.

Since the seventeenth century, counties have served as the backbone of a country that longs to control its own local affairs. With the publication of Governing on the Ground: The Past, Present, and Future of County Government, you will finally read how this is accomplished.

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