County Leadership Curriculum


The County Leadership Curriculum is a program dedicated to enhancing the professional development and leadership skills of Counties officials and staff. Recognizing the evolving landscape of Counties governance, NACo’s curriculum is designed to reflect the continuous growth essential for effective leadership. 

Structure and Tracks

The CLC offers a structured learning experience through three specialized tracks with training spanning over two years. Workshops are held at NACo’s Legislative Conference, Western Interstate Region conference and the Annual Conference. In order to successfully complete the program, attendees must attend a minimum of 16 workshops within a two-year period and must successfully complete Robert’s Rules 101 and 102, Financial Management 101 and 102 and 12 other workshops of their choice. Participants can satisfy the required number of workshops through in-person sessions or online sessions.

Track One

Governance and Operations

Dive into the nuts and bolts of county government through this track. These sessions provide officials with comprehensive insights into county government and its inner workings. This track equips participants with the knowledge needed to navigate the intricacies of county operations. This track will explore the intricate parts of county government such as county budgets, parliamentary procedures, disaster preparedness and more. 

Track Two

Personal Development

Explore the art of leadership with Track Two. Designed to elevate individual leadership capabilities through tailored topics to strengthen professional and leadership traits. Workshop topics include building consensus, mastering change management, facultative leadership and more to help strengthen create effective county leaders. 

Track Three

Communication and Delivery

Acquire tools for effective public communication, a critical skill in modern governance. This track enhances participants' communication proficiency, allowing them to engage effectively with the public and navigate the challenges of communication in today's digital age. Session topics range from media relations, message development, social media usage and more.

Upcoming Workshops


2024 NACo Legislative Conference

  • Track One | Earmarks & Grants 101: Accessing Federal Dollars to Support County Priorities
  • Track Two | Empowering Counties: Priorities for Federal Policy
  • Track Two | From Conflict to Convergence: Strengthening Communities through Collaboration
  • Track Three | The Art of Influence: Unlocking the Secrets of Effective Media Communication and Message Craftsmanship


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