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Candidate platform: George Dunlap


George Dunlap 


Mecklenburg County, N.C. 

 My fellow colleagues, my name is George Dunlap - I am running to be the next 2nd vice president of NACo to elevate and advocate for both the common and unique priorities of all our members regardless of geographic location. I am running on a record of being an experienced leader, bridge builder, problem solver, and advocate for the issues and opportunities facing local governments across our nation. In addition, I look forward to directly assisting the president and NACo leadership to advance our organization to the next level.

George Dunlap - An Experienced Leader

Throughout my sixteen years as a NACo member and commissioner, which includes six years chairing my county board I believe there is no greater institution to represent the needs and work of counties across this country. My goal in serving as the 2nd ice President is to support the national leadership in the pursuit of achieving our priorities using my decades of experience that includes the following. 

  • Current Chair, Mecklenburg County Board of County Commissioners 
  • North Carolina Association of County Commissioners (NCACC) Board of Directors
  • NCACC Current Chair, Health, and Human Services Steering Committee
  • NCACC Former Chair, Justice and Public Safety Steering Committee
  • NACo Current Chair, Justice and Public Safety Policy Steering Committee
  • NACO Former Vice-Chair, Large Urban County Caucus 
  • NACo High-Performance Leadership Academy
  • Former County School Board Chair
  • Retired Law Enforcement Officer and Veteran 

George Dunlap - A Bridge Builder

During my career and public service tenure, I have stood on the front lines with NACo members and their respective counties and states in our collective efforts to address and overcome many challenges. I have traveled across the nation on behalf of our members including providing Congressional testimony to preserve and increase the availability of federal disaster relief funding. I understand the unique needs of our rural and urban members. As the chairman of one of the largest counties in the Southeast which consists of both rural, suburban, and urban areas, I understand what it takes to help both large and smaller localities to prosper.   

Since announcing my candidacy, I have had the pleasure of connecting with both old and new friends through our policy work and interaction. Our many conversations served as a reminder of just how critical the 2nd Vice position is when it comes to elevating both the common and unique priorities of all of our members. I am proud to have engaged with all of our regional organizations to learn more about the issues. 

I am running because we have work to do – in Congress, in our regulatory agencies, in our regions and with each other. 

One of the key issues facing NACo’s officers, executive committee and Board of Directors is how to ensure that we are equally advocating for the unique priorities of both our rural and urban members, while also cultivating bipartisan support for direct federal investment in counties. This is important because our diverse priorities are instrumental in moving our organization forward.   

The communications that we get from each member are crucial in helping to shape the organization’s overall mission. Like many of our members, I think it’s critical that we pay attention to all parties involved when they express their needs and desires—especially when those needs or concerns are directly tied to specific priorities.   

George Dunlap – The Advocate 

As the 2nd Vice President, I intend to work with our members, the president and 1st Vice President in addressing these challenges and more. 

I have been intentional in serving in multiple capacities in order to have an informed perspective of our past, present, and future needs and desires. I am proud to have directly contributed through my work on multiple committees and our various efforts to shape policy especially as it pertains to housing, mental health, workforce, and public safety initiatives. In addition, I have facilitated several sessions at the NACo National Conference and have dedicated my time, expertise, and social capital to the betterment of NACo and all of its members. 

At the state level, I have led the Justice and Public Safety Committee under three different State Presidents, and I currently serve as the Chairman of the Health and Human Services Committee. In addition, I was appointed to the NC Sheriff’s Training and Educational Standards Committee. My contributions to the state association also include hosting NACo members during their visits to the state/region. 

In addition, it is equally important that NACo proactively communicate back to our members how their input informs and shapes the organizations’ work and policies. Especially when dealing with critical issues such as: 


  • Affordable housing 
  • Emergency preparedness 
  • Full funding for the PILT program. 
  • Mental health and substance misuse 
  • Workforce and economic development 
  • Rural development and broadband access 
  • Revenue sharing and public lands management. 

I strongly believe that our members are the backbone of our organization and membership retention and recruitment will be vital to the success of NACo-especially when it comes to shaping policy and our overall lobbying efforts. I am willing to spearhead our retention and recruitment efforts by emphasizing the special role that counties play in the intergovernmental system- while also highlighting the successes our members have been able to achieve as a result of our shared advocacy work. 

In my quest to be your next 2nd Vice President, your support will be critical -- your guidance will be instrumental - and most of all your engagement will be transformative in the work ahead. I humbly ask for your vote! 

To learn more about my campaign visit my website

Don’t Think Twice – Vote George for Second Vice!

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