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Profiles in Service - Nov. 12, 2018

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Herbert M. “Tim” Richards, III, DVM

Board Member

Council Member, Hawaii County, Hawaii

Number of years involved in NACo: Two

Years in public service: Two  

Occupation: Veterinarian and rancher

Education: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Washington State University 

Four people (living or dead) I’d invite to dinner are: Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, my Great Uncle Atherton and my mother, Phyllis A. Richards.

A dream I have is to: Become a regent for my alma mater, Washington State University.

The most adventurous thing I’ve ever done is: Become a politician.

My favorite way to relax is to: Move cattle for grazing.   

I’m most proud of: Rekindling the alumni association of the Washington State University Cougar Crew Rowing Team.

You may be surprised to learn: I am a lifetime Girl Scout. 

Every morning I read: The local newspapers.

My favorite meal is: Steak tartar and bone marrow.   

My pet peeve is: Greed and self-serving dealings.

My motto is: “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.”

My favorite movie is: Band of Brothers.  

My favorite music is: Hawaiian and country western.  

My favorite president is: Abraham Lincoln.

My county is a member of NACo because: Being a small county in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, some 2,500 miles from the next nearest state, having working relationships with other counties can only help us solve some of our challenges. In dealing with the federal government, speaking with one voice provides a greater opportunity for us in serving our constituents.

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