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Prepare for NACo's annual business meeting and election this July

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NACo’s 2023 annual business meeting and election will be held in-person Monday, July 24 in Travis County, Texas. During the meeting, credentialed NACo members elect NACo officers, set our national policy agenda and conduct other association business.  

Voting credentials verify a member county, parish or borough’s eligibility to vote and the number of votes they can cast at the meeting. To be eligible to vote, NACo members should: 

Register for the 2023 Annual Conference 

• Pay 2023 NACo membership dues in full, and 

• Designate one voting delegate by Monday, July 17, 2023 at 5 p.m. EDT. 


To facilitate the voting process, members should only authorize one primary voting delegate per county and must provide the cell phone number of the voting delegate. The county’s chief elected official, clerk to the county board and conference registrants can visit to appoint their primary delegate or proxy online. A proxy voter can be another county attendee from the same state or your state association of counties. 

Paper voting credential forms will not be mailed to member counties but can be accessed electronically by visiting

A member’s vote total is determined by the amount of dues paid and dues are based on the population of the 2010 census. Every county receives one vote and is allotted an additional vote for each $1,200 paid in dues.  

• Counties with dues of $450 to $1,199 receive one vote  

• Counties with dues of $1,200 to $2,399 receive two votes  

• Counties with dues of $2,400 to $3,599 receive three votes, and so on  

• The maximum number of votes a county can receive is 51  


NACo’s Credentials Committee ensures that the process for the meeting is fair and transparent. The committee guides the credentials process, resolves any credentials disputes and assists during the election itself.  

The 2023 Credentials Committee members are:    

• Chair - Hon. Karen Digh Allen, public administrator, Callaway County, Mo. 

• Member - Hon. Eugene Oliver, chair, Iberia Parish, La. 

• Member - Hon. Janet Thompson, commissioner, Boone County, Mo. 

• Reading Clerk - Hon. Chuck Washington, supervisor, Riverside County, Calif. 

• Tally Clerk - Hon. Matt Prochaska, circuit clerk, Kendall County, Ill.  


NACo members will receive additional information on credentials and appointing a delegate by mail and email in June. More information can be accessed at or by emailing

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