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NACo releases new How to Gain Citizen Buy-In publication

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Counties have creative ways to support funding necessary services to inform residents of public safety matters 

NACo’s Counties Futures Lab recently released How to Gain Citizen Buy-In, highlighting innovative case studies from a workshop held at NACo’s 2017 Annual Conference & Exposition in Franklin County, Ohio.

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How to Gain Citizen Buy-In 

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How to Gain Citizen Buy-In describes how counties have different and creative approaches to gathering support to fund necessary services and informing residents of public safety matters. The report features moderator Michael Montplaisir, auditor, Cass County, N.D., and presenters Verdenia Baker, county administrator, Palm Beach County, Fla. and Karl Keith, auditor, Montgomery County, Ohio, who shared their insights on successful initiatives undertaken in their counties.

Baker detailed how being transparent with citizens allowed for the passage of a 1-cent sales tax increase to improve infrastructure. Keith demonstrated that reaching out to citizens not only in his county but all over the state was effective in organizing a campaign to protect consumers from card skimmers.

Finally, Montplaisir detailed how his county passed a voter-approved tax increase to raise revenue for major flooding preparation and relief by partnering with local communities and businesses.

The report lists key takeaways including 1)be transparent with citizens along each step of the way; 2)partner with stakeholders to reach out to the community; and 3) meet residents where they are.


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