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An op-ed blog, "PolicyDose: A Crisis in Our Jails," written by NACo President Riki Hokama and Dr. Renee Binder, incoming president, American Psychiatric Association, appeared in U.S. News and World Report's opinion blog , May 14.

NACo Staff

Emilia Istrate , research director, was a panelist at the Organi zation for Economic and Co-operation and Development Rural Development Policy Conference in Memphis, Tenn. May 19. She explored the theme, "Telling the rural story: using data to inform policy" with four other representatives from the U.S., Canada and Italy.

Coming up Andrew Gold schmidt , membership marketing director, will represent NACo at the Colorado Coun ties, Inc. annual summer confer ence in Summit County June 1 3 and at the Florida Association of Counties 2015 Annual Conference and Educational Exposition in St. Johns County June 16 - 19.

Daria Daniel , associate legislative director, will exhibit on behalf of NACo at the Missis sippi Association of Supervi sors Annual Convention in Harrison County June 15 - 18

Alex Koroknay-Palicz, membership coordinator, will ex hibit on behalf of NACo at the Ken tucky County Judge/ Executive Associa tion Annual Confer ence in Louisville- Jefferson County June 17 18.

Caitlin Myers, membership services associate, will represent NACo at the Arizona Association of Counties 2015 County Leadership Confer ence in Pima County June 22 - 24.

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