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House budget bill cuts SALT deduction

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The House-passed FY18 budget resolution explicitly calls for elimination of the state and local tax deduction

The House-passed FY2018 budget resolution clears the way for comprehensive tax reform efforts this fall. The resolution cleared the House on a 216 to 212 vote Oct. 26 and explicitly calls for an elimination of the SALT deduction to offset other costs associated with tax reform.

The slim margin of victory holds hope for groups pressing to preserve the deduction.  “The razor-thin margin is a clear and unmistakable signal that there’s growing support in Congress to take SALT off the table,” Americans Against Double Taxation said in a statement.  NACo is a co-founder of the coalition.

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Americans Against Double Taxation 

The new SALT calculator to see the impact eliminating SALT would have on the average taxpayer in your zip code 

“If there’s this much opposition to a secret plan with no details, we expect opposition to grow once a concrete proposal takes shape and members fully understand the impact that a full or partial elimination of SALT has on homeowners, home values, public services, infrastructure investment, and the continuing ability of state and local governments to determine their own appropriate mix of revenue sources,” the statement continued.

Americans Against Double Taxation is dedicated to protecting the state and local tax deduction, a federal tax deduction claimed by 44 million American taxpayers that supports vital investments in infrastructure, public safety, home ownership and education. 

The GOP is expected to release its tax reform plan Nov. 1.   



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