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Apply for membership on a NACo steering committee or appointment to a variety of NACo leadership posts for 2019-2020

Looking ahead to my year as NACo president, I want to take this opportunity to let you know about the appointments that I will have the privilege of making to NACo’s leadership team.

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Apply for NACo leadership positions

Direct any questions to

These appointments are for:

  • Policy Steering Committee chairs and vice chairs and subcommittee chairs and vice chairs
  • Large Urban County Caucus and Rural Action Caucus chairs, vice chairs and members
  • Standing Committee chairs, vice chairs and members
  • Ad Hoc committee, task force and advisory board chairs, vice chairs and members
  • At-Large NACo Board Directors

To become a member of a steering committee you must fill out a nomination form and submit it to your state association. Find it here. They will submit the nomination to NACo.

To be considered for a presidential appointment to any of the following committees or as an At-Large Director for the NACo Board of Directors, you must complete the application form before May 31, 2019. Find that application form here. .

Thank you, in advance, for your interest in serving, and I look forward to receiving your application. Please direct any questions to

Mary Ann Borgeson

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