About GovQuote

"Our mission is to make government procurement more efficient and transparent through the use of technology. It's that simple." -Jeff Rubenstein, Founder and CEO of GovQuote

GovQuote is the first fully online, web-based digital platform to seamlessly connect government agencies and private companies on the largest, fastest, and most user-friendly request for quote (RFQ) marketplace in the world.

GovQuote is revolutionizing the way public procurement is done by providing a virtual environment where SLED agencies obtain quotes by tapping into a massive database of over 4,000 highly qualified companies aggressively competing for government business.

Using powerful technology to cut out costly and outdated procurement methods, GovQuote gives purchasing agents an incredible opportunity to save their organizations countless work hours and millions of dollars in taxpayer money, facilitating crystal-clear transparency in the public sector while opening up a whole new frontier of business growth and expansion for private sector companies. Learn more at



GovQuote gives agency buyers the power to request quotes in 60 seconds or less, receive direct quotes, get the best price, and have a complete digital audit record - all in one intuitive, online platform.

For more information, please contact Kostas Dimitriou, General Manager at (561) 809-3800.


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Press Releases

February 7, 2018: GovQuote LaMATS Edition Saves Time, Money for Local Governments.

April 10, 2018: Florida tech startup revolutionizes how state, local, and education (SLED) agencies do procurement.

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