About Accela

Engaged citizens together with empowered goverment agencies build thriving communities.  The Accela Civic Platform can help.

Accela, Inc. provides the leading civic engagement platform, powering thousands of services and millions of transactions daily for large and small public agencies worldwide. We connect governments to people and accelerate and streamline core civic land management, licensing, asset management and public health and safety processes.

 Accela’s Civic Platform includes both packaged and custom-tailored civic business solutions and cloud-based, office, mobile and social applications to support government agency, business and citizen needs. Accela is headquartered in San Ramon, Calif., with international offices in Australia and the United Arab Emirates.

Accela’s public sector experience, proven technology, and passion for civic innovation make us the platform of choice for agencies seeking to improve government and community engagement and for a broad range of developers and business partners looking to build their government businesses. At Accela, civic excellence + civic engagement = civic good.​​

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NACo's Premier Corporate Membership Program is more than raising the visibility of NACo Premier Members. It is about exchanging information with decision makers at the county government level and building relationships based on an understanding of one another's issues, priorities and timeliness.

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