America’s Counties Recognize National County Government Month April 2023

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WASHINGTON – America’s counties this month are joining the National Association of Counties (NACo) in recognizing National County Government Month (NCGM), an opportunity throughout April to showcase how counties achieve healthy, safe and vibrant communities.

The theme for this year’s celebration is “Counties RISE!,” inspired by the signature focus of NACo President Denise Winfrey. The theme is an acronym for and highlights Resiliency, Inclusion, Solvency, and Empowerment – all county priorities undertaken with energy and passion for building stronger counties.

“National County Government Month celebrates how America’s 3,069 counties achieve results for our residents every day,” said Winfrey. “Now is the time to raise awareness about the many ways counties serve our communities, including the broader framework of intergovernmental partnerships wherein county leaders deploy local, state, and federal programs on the ground.”

Since it was launched in 1991, NCGM has created opportunities for counties to elevate awareness of county roles and responsibilities in serving residents. During the month, counties often host events like open houses and facility tours, issue proclamations and resolutions, speak with media, elevate content, and build deeper connections with residents.

In particular this year, NACo is encouraging counties to nominate innovative programs for NACo Achievement Awards, to leverage NACo’s suite of civic education resources, developed with iCivics, and to share with area youth the “I Love My County Because…” art contest, presented in partnership with Americans for the Arts.

Counties will also work across platforms this month to share key data about county roles and responsibilities, including that they:

  • Build and maintain 45 percent of all public roads and 38 percent of bridges
  • Own and operate over 900 hospitals, 750 behavioral health centers and more than 1,900 local public health departments
  • Invest over $100 billion annually in public safety and court-related responsibilities
  • Support County Veteran Services Officers in 29 states and the District of Columbia
  • Provide critical services related to federal public lands in 62 percent of all counties
  • Deliver extensive administrative services, including issuing birth certificates and marriage licenses and elections, and
  • Build and maintain parks, community centers, libraries and cultural centers.

“This month, we recognize the tremendous contributions of nation’s 40,000 county elected officials and 3.6 million county employees who build stronger counties that result in a stronger America,” said Winfrey.

For more information about National County Government Month, click here.

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