Tax Queueing System & Payment Kiosks

2023 NACo Achievement Award Winner

Mecklenburg County, N.C., NC

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About the Program

Category: Information Technology (Best in Category)

Year: 2023

The Office of the Tax Collector (OTC) and County Assessor’s Office (CAO), in conjunction with the Information Technology Services (ITS) department, implemented the Tax Queuing System and Payment Kiosks. The need was identified to provide a holistic approach to organize and streamline customer traffic at the Valerie C. Woodard Center (VCW). We have listed what this system is, how it works, and what it enables below. What: •Kiosks to manage tax collector and tax assessor customer experience and queries efficiently. •Accept tax payments at the kiosk. t •Increase capability for tracking and reporting. •Standardize data collection. •Create a configurable workflow. •Establish reports and dashboards for data analysis. •Provide self-service environment option. How: •Provide speed and streamline the citizen engagement journey with integrated online and CRM technology platform. •Provide visible display of tracking the customer’s position in the queueing system. •Provide self-service kiosks to manage customer experience and provide service options. Enables: •Visibility to customer traffic data for CAO and OTC staff. •Customer journey mapping and performance insights about average wait times, queue sizes, and service times. •Reporting capability is used to ensure efficiency. •Resource management (manage staff capacity). •Customers to view real-time queuing information to keep track of their turn for service. Citizens requested an easy process to assist with questions that they have, making tax payments, and appealing their assessed property values. This results in customer service needs being directly understood so that staff members can minimize the time taken to provide the needed service. This has eliminated long waiting times, confusion about needed services, and ready responses to share knowledge and information with the customers, which provides an enhanced customer experience.