Serving Seniors Through a Pandemic

2021 NACo Achievement Award Winner

Loudoun County, Va., VA

About the Program

Category: Libraries (Best in Category)

Year: 2021

Loudoun County Public Library (LCPL) has a large number of citizens who avail themselves of the Outreach Services department. Outreach Services reaches patrons all over our sizeable county, bringing library materials to seniors, inmates, and homebound residents. From the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, senior citizens have been hit the hardest, enduring the challenges of lockdowns, including the extended isolation required of the elderly. In addition, many seniors have limited understanding and use of the technology used by the rest of the world as a mean to continue social interactions. So seniors found themselves even more isolated than the rest of the community and with limited recreational resources which are essential for mental health and well-being. The Outreach Services department created a plan to fill the gap in the availability of services created by the pandemic lock-down, ensuring access to library materials to all seniors by enhancing the library services that many in this population depend on.

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