Achievement Award Program

On the Record Video Series: Countering COVID-19 Myths

2022 NACo Achievement Award Winner
On the Record Video Series: Countering COVID-19 Myths
San Bernardino County, Calif.

About the Program

CATEGORY: Civic Education and Public Information
YEAR: 2022
Disinformation can be dangerous. That’s why San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors Chairman Curt Hagman launched “On the Record with Chairman Hagman,” a series of informative videos to separate fact from fiction in the often-confusing world of COVID-19 information. We are too often bombarded with intentionally misleading disinformation suggesting that COVID-19 is not dangerous, testing is not necessary, vaccines are ineffective, and more. These dangerous lies have been debunked by science, but they are still being spread to create fear and stop people from protecting themselves against sickness and death. Each installment of “On the Record with Chairman Hagman” takes on a different myth and counters it with scientific facts presented by Arrowhead Regional Medical Center physicians and other County healthcare professionals.

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