2022 NACo Achievement Award Winner

San Bernardino County, Calif., CA

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About the Program

Category: Human Services (Best in Category)

Year: 2022

San Bernadino County Department of Child Support Services (SBDCSS) recognized that today’s families lead complicated lifestyles, and customers expect us to provide more digital services that can save them time. SBDCSS implemented QLess, a queue management system that allows customers to wait in a virtual line rather than a physical one. QLess empowers customers to join a virtual line from wherever they are; home, work, or watching their child’s baseball practice. Customers can access QLess from various platforms; the SBDCSS website, mobile phone or personal device, or an on-site kiosk. QLess allows SBDCSS the capability to provide customers communication as they move through the line, collect data through surveys, view real-time virtual lobby activity, triage customer requests, conduct interviews, and resolve concerns without the customer driving to a physical office.

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