Outagamie County Highway "CA" / West College Avenue Reconstruction

2022 NACo Achievement Award Winner

Outagamie County, Wis., WI

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About the Program

Category: Transportation (Best in Category)

Year: 2022

County Trunk Highway (CTH) CA is a principal arterial in south-central Outagamie County, Wisconsin. CTH CA runs east-west through the Village of Greenville and Township of Grand Chute, is the primary connection between the Appleton International Airport and Interstate (IH) 41, and is designated on the National Highway System as an Intermodal Connector route. When originally constructed in 1967 as a divided rural roadway, there was little commercial or residential development along the highway, and it functioned well for many years. Then, in 1984 construction of the Fox River Mall catalyzed major commercial development in the area. Development surged west of IH 41 and north and south of CTH CA resulting in a significant increase in traffic, both vehicular and multimodal. The increased traffic and turning movements at key intersections contributed to operational issues and a measurable reduction in safety. In 2020, the County and its partners took action by establishing a program that led to the complete reconstruction of CTH CA. Outcomes were immense and positive – making previous concerns a thing of the past. The program upgraded regional connectivity, reduced traffic congestion, improved intersection safety, embraced non-vehicular traffic, and allowed the highway to again complement surrounding development patterns.