COVID-19 Community-based organization (CBO) Collaborative

2022 NACo Achievement Award Winner

San Bernardino County, Calif., CA

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About the Program

Category: Health (Best in Category)

Year: 2022

To reach our most vulnerable populations and to truly make lasting health improvements in our local communities during this unprecedented time, the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health, has engaged in non-traditional partnerships and collaborations with our community-based, faith-based and other community partners reaching across all areas of the County. As part of the COVID-19 response the Department of Public Health as convened a COVID-19 community-based organization collaborative. The collaborative’s goal is to enhance outreach and promotion efforts specific to the COVID-19 vaccine and its benefits to County residents and to our most vulnerable populations, through collaboration with several community-based partners; who serve as trusted messengers in the community. The outcome is to fill gaps in the available vaccine services in order to increase vaccination rates and improve the overall health among all San Bernardino County residents.

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